Henry Vermillion has lived and worked in the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende Mexico since 1991. He and his wife Britt Zaist are principals in Galeria Izamal in the historic center of San Miguel. A Southwesterner born in Texas and educated there and in Albuquerque, New Mexico, his expressive figurative oils, watercolors, pastels and drawings are in collections throughout Mexico, the United States, Canada, France and other countries. While his art is grounded on solid drawing and painting (and reflects a wide range of subjects and of art history), it is not always immediately accessible. "Art must communicate as clearly as possible to the viewer. On the other hand, if a painting can be grasped and completely understood in a minute or so, it's not very good art".

Henry is known also as a knowledgeable and sympathetic teacher of drawing and painting. See his page on teaching art classes and art workshops. In July 2011, Henry opened Galeria Vermillion in the Plaza Colonial at Canal 21 in downtown San Miguel. This gallery features his own work and that of selected guest artists.
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