Cats curling into pots and baskets, dogs running and leaping, kittens playing and sleeping, more cats sleeping, stretching, sleeping.

Bulls charging, matadors fighting, dancing figures, ballerinas, flamenco dancers with swirling skirts and clicking castanets; lissome, coy, confident nudes.

These are some of the subjects of Britt Zaist's vigorous gesture drawings in permanent ink. She captures the essence of her subjects in a few rapid but almost miraculously perfect lines and strokes, whether the subject is one of her own household animals or a commissioned portrait of a favorite pet done from a photograph. Please see her other

A native New Yorker, she received her training at Russell Sage College and at the famous Art Students League of New York, where she is a Life Member. She is also widely known for her large, sumptuous abstractions in colored permanent inks. These paintings are in the collections of IBM, Konica Mfg., Burroughs Wellcome, The Knoxville-Tennessee Airport and other national and international corporations.

But drawing is her first love, her passion. Her drawings have circled the world in private collections as reminders of the grace, energy and affection of both animals and people.
Britt Zaist
Britt Zaist's
Britt Zaist's
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