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Vanina Landini is originally from Argentina where she began her art studies by studying sculpture. Subsequently, she started making handcrafted jewelry in German silver as a way to earn the money needed to explore the world and experience the different cultures that she longed to know. As a young woman, she traveled throughout Bolivia, Peru, Chili, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and Brazil where she supported herself by making jewelry of silver and precious stones, learning from different artists along this journey. In 2004, she traveled through France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Portugal and Italy, taking part in craft fairs and art events. Then, she pressed on to Africa where she explored Morocco and Mauritania, and after a long crossing of the Sahara Desert, she settled for a time in the tiny country of Burkina Faso, where she studied with the local artisans to learn the ancient craft of carving tribal masks of wood.

Now, after her long apprenticeship, still a young woman, but also a mother, she has returned to Latin America to make San Miguel de Allende her home.

Vanina has studied with the well-known craftsman and jewelry teacher, Billy King, from whom she learned that the unique quality of a piece comes from paying close attention to every detail. Her newest jewelry reflects all the wonderful influences of her international experiences. She uses precious stones generously in imaginative ways. She hand-makes chains for her bracelets and necklaces (not all jewelers do), and her work, while always a bit unconventional, has reached the highest level of craftsmanship and artistry. 
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